7 Easy Ways To Stay Fit This Fall

Who doesn’t love the fall? The leaves are changing, it’s the perfect sweater weather and there is pumpkin spice everything. But with the sun setting earlier and holiday comfort food on the horizon, it can be difficult to stick to your health goals. When the temperature lowers, so can our motivation to stay active. Here are our tips to help you stay on track as autumn hits.

1. Enjoy The Outdoors

Take a hike—literally. With the mountains colored in splashes of red, orange and yellow, fall is one of the most beautiful times to explore the outdoors. The crisp cool air is better for your body and you can hike without the worry of overheating that can happen during the summer.

2. Take Advantage of Fall Activities 

You don’t have to be at the gym to get in a good workout. Fall is full of outdoor activities that will help you keep off the pounds. Running around a corn maze or picking pumpkins and apples can help you stay fit without sacrificing your favorite fall events.

3. Watch Your Water Intake

You may not think you need as much water in the fall because the weather has cooled down and you aren’t guzzling water to stay hydrated like you were in the summer, but that is not the case. Despite the weather change, make sure you keep up your water intake. Drinking water has many benefits for your health including increased energy and weight loss.

4. Yard Work-out

With all the colorful autumn leaves falling in your yard, use this chore to burn up a sweat. Raking and bagging leaves burns 350-450 calories in an hour, so you can work on your fitness while cleaning up the outside of your home. This is an activity the whole family can enjoy, because who doesn’t love jumping into a big pile of leaves.

5. Keep A Food Log

Research has shown that if you write down what you eat during the day it will help you make healthier choices. You can keep it simple and use pen and paper to write down your calorie intake or use apps such as My Fitness Pal that lets you scan the barcode of each item you eat. As you start tracking what you eat, you will notice patterns in your lifestyle and can take action.

6. Come Prepared

Fall is notorious for delicious candy and desserts and avoiding them can be tough when you don’t come prepared. If you pack healthy snacks to eat throughout the day, it makes junk food less of a temptation. A little preparation will help you stay on top of your goals and make it easier to say “no” when the Halloween candy comes around the office.

7. Don’t Skip TV Time

Sometimes getting to the gym is a struggle when an episode of your favorite fall drama is on TV, but you don’t have to skip the latest episode of This Is Us to get in a good workout. There are plenty of exercises you can do from the comfort of your own home. Walk on the treadmill during an episode or do sit-ups and lunges during the commercial break, the options are endless.
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