Hours & Location

Friday, April 27th 12pm – 9pm
Saturday, April 28th 10am – 7pm

Mountain America EXPO Center
9575 State St, Sandy, UT 84070

Events Team: 801.204.6377

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Show Schedule

Friday April 27th

Inspiration Stage

  • 12:15 pm – “Get Lifted – Live your Life Full Out” By: Rebecca Kordecki
  • 1:00 pm – “Free Your Mind: The Positive Effects of Decluttering on Your Mental Health” By:  Lux Simplicity Organizer Pro Alicia Bias
  • 2:00 pm – “Be a Warrior: Obtain Health, Happiness, & Hope” By: Cindy Jorgensen
  • 4:00 pm – “Stop Living a Mediocre Life! How to Live Fulfilled and Soul Aligned” By: Leah Steele
  • 5:00 pm – “Make-up & Style Tips” By: Hollywood Make-up Artist William Squire
  • 6:00 pm – Dillard’s Fashion Show
  • 7:00 pm – “Wonder Woman You: How to Power Up (& Love) Your Brain, Emotions, Spirit, and Relationships” By: Ramona Zabriske
  • 8:00 pm – “Utah Stars Dancers” – Utah Dance Academy

Shade Workshop Center

  • 12:30 pm“Raised Garden Beds” By: Shade Home & Garden
  • 1:30 pm“Simple Floral Centerpieces” By: Hoopes Events
  • 2:30 pm – Wooden “Happy Birthday” Sign – Impressions Shop By: Amanda Jones
  • 3:30 pm – Furniture Refinishing with Chalk Paint – 2 Chicks & A Toolbelt
  • 4:30 pm“Macrame Wall Decor” – Black Sage Decor
  • 5:30 pm – “A New Day” – Guided Painting on Canvas – Painting with a Twist
    Class Sign-Up & Supplies
  • 7:00 pm – “Chalk Painting Basics” with BB Frosch By: Carli Lewis
    Class Sign-Up & Supplies
  • 7:30 pm – “Hand Lettering” By: Melissa Esplin

Interactive Lifestyle Theatre – Cooking Studio

  • 1:00 pm – “Sushi Making With Eddee” By: Yoshi’s Japanese Grill
  • 2:00 pm – “Planning and Prepping Healthy Meals” By: April Tafoya From Fueling Function
  • 3:00 pm – “Healthy Family Dinner in 30 Minutes” By: Wendy Paul
  • 5:00 pm – “Simple, Clean, Healthy Cooking with Thrive Life Foods” By: Gina Hansen, Pam Finn, and Cindy Poole
  • 7:00 pm – “Easy & Healthy Weeknight Dinners” By: Emily Allen
  • 8:00 pm – “Making the Perfect Mocktail” By: OZ Hutton, Mixologist

Interactive Lifestyle Theatre – Learning Lounge

  • 12:30 pm – “Say Yes to Saying NO!” By: April Benincosa
  • 1:30 pm – “Become Your Greatest of All Time” By: Russ Sherman
  • 2:30 pm – “Why Freezing Fat is So Cool: Everything You Need to Know About CoolSculpting” By: Carol Glines, Lead Licensed Master Esthetician (LME) at Constantine Cosmetic Surgery
  • 3:30 pm – “Bras That Fit Can Change Your Life” By: Courtney Killpack
  • 4:30 pm – “Hidden Health Concerns Keeping You Sick & Over Weight” By: Dr. Whit Roberts
  • 5:30 pm – “A Sweet Tooth Fairy Tale” By: Megan Faulkner Brown
  • 6:30 pm – “Situational Awareness – Cold Front Firearms” By: Connie Peterson
  • 7:30 pm – “Inspiring Women to Breakthrough” By: Robin Towle, Mrs. America Utah

Saturday April 28th

Inspiration Stage

  • 10:15 am – “Get Lifted – Live your Life Full Out” By: Rebecca Kordecki
  • 11:00 am – Fabletics Fashion Show
  • 12:00 pm – “Be A Warrior: Obtain Health, Happiness, & Hope by Creating A Balanced Life” By: Cindy Jorgensen
  • 1:00 pm – “Draw Him IN as YOU Draw Him UP! Understanding and Supporting the Men and Boys in Your Life” By: Ramona Zabriskie
  • 2:00 pm – “Luxury in Simplicity: Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Life” By: Lux Simplicity Pro Organizer Alicia Bias
  • 3:00 pm – Dillard’s Fashion Show
  • 4:00 pm – “Let the Power of Words Change Your Story” By: BEcoming Threads
  • 5:00 pm – “Make-up & Style Tips” By: Hollywood Make-up Artist William Squire

Shade Workshop Center

  • 10:30 am – “Chalk Painting on Fabric with BB Frosch” By: Carli Lewis
    Class Sign-Up & Supplies
  • 11:30 am – “Creative Table Settings for Your At Home Dinner Parties” By: Hoopes Events
  • 12:30 pm – “Container Planting” By: Cynthia Bee
  • 1:30 am – Jewelry Making – The Bead Farm
  • 2:30 pm – Wooden “Hello” Sign – Impressions Shop By: Amanda Jones
  • 3:30 pm – “Chalk Paint on Wood with BB Frosch” By: Carli Lewis
    Class Sign-Up & Supplies
  • 4:30 pm – “Succulent Jewelry” By: Cynthia Bee
  • 5:30 pm – “Wicked Moonlight” Guided Painting on Canvas – Painting With a Twist
    Class Sign-Up & Supplies

Interactive Lifestyle Theatre – Cooking Studio

  • 11:00 am – “Quick Meals on the Go” By: Claire Nelson
  • 12:00 pm – “Planning and Prepping Healthy Meals” By: April from Fueling Function
  • 1:00 pm – “Why Fat Isn’t Evil After All” By: Emily Allen
  • 3:00 pm – “Healthy Family Dinners in 30 Minutes” By: Wendy Paul
  • 4:00 pm – “Simple, Clean, Healthy Cooking with Thrive Foods” By: Gina Hansen, Pam Finn, and Cindy Poole

Interactive Lifestyle Theatre – Learning Lounge

  • 10:00 am – “Breathe to Unwind – Finding Serenity in Under 5 Minutes” By: Carrie Coppola
  • 10:30 am – “Women’s Health & Intimacy Specialist” By: Aviva Woman Suzi Sands
  • 11:30 am – “Situational Awareness” By: Connie Peterson, Cold Front Fire Arms
  • 12:30 am – “How to Capture the Perfect Picture” By: Pink Rose Photography
  • 1:30 pm – “A Sweet Tooth Fairy Tale” By: Megan Faulkner Brown
  • 2:30 pm – “Why Freezing Fat is So Cool: Everything You Need to Know About CoolSculpting” By: Carol Glines, Lead Licensed Master Esthetician (LME) at Constantine Cosmetic Surgery
  • 3:30 pm – “Cleaning W/O Toxic Chemicals” By: Celeste Muhlestein
  • 4:30 pm – “Break Up with Busy” – Tips from a Typical Mom Annette Belnap & Michelle Stevenett
  • 5:00 pm – “Style Matters” By: Eugenia Battaglia
  • 5:30 pm – “Couples Working Together” By: Russ Sherman

Guest Speakers & Presenters

Ramona Zabriskie

Ramona Zabriskie, mentor, teacher, leader, and friend to women, Founder of Wife for Life University and multi-award-winning author of Wife for Life: The Power to Succeed in Marriage.

Known for her empathy, passion, and humor, Ramona’s motivational speaking has taken her all over the country, from classrooms to stages, and chapels to college campuses for over twenty years. She began focusing her live presentations on understanding men and marriage in 2008 in addition to writing three internationally popular blogs on the subject. Her subsequent personal audiences from all over the world led to her work as mentor and to the serious research and writing that became Wife for Life.

“I work with women who have given up hope, who are at the end of their rope, as well as women who have experienced divorce or who are remarried. I also help women that have never married to believe in and prepare for the day they will be. And of course, I love helping those in stable or happy relationships find even more fulfillment and joy in both their womanhood and in their marriage.”

Find Ramona on the Inspiration Stage:

Friday April 27th at 7:00 pm "Wonder Woman You: How to Power Up (& Love) Your Brain, Body, Emotions, Spirit, and Relationships"

Saturday April 28th at 1:00 pm “Draw Him IN as YOU Draw Him UP! Understanding and Supporting the Men and Boys in Your Life”

William Squire

William Squire is a model, speaker, agent, make-up artist and co-author of THE MODELS WORKBOOK-A HOLLYWOOD AGENT’S TWENTY STEP GUIDE TO LAUNCHING YOUR MODELING CAREER. He has worked in the fashion and entertainment industries for over twenty years. William walked the runway for designers Yves Saint Laurent, Versace, Armani, and Calvin Klein and has appeared in numerous fashion publications.

William’s passion for the entertainment industry led him to the administrative side of the business. He has been an agency director, talent booker, and fashion coordinator for four of the hottest agencies in Los Angeles. While working as an instructor, speaker, coach and consultant (to many top fashion magazines, newspapers and TV shows). His dynamic speaking and coaching have inspired people all over the world and helped mold many successful careers.

William has recently created YOUR SIGNATURE STYLE, and exciting event that teaches women how to dress, how to apply make-up, how to pose for the perfect picture, how to walk like a supermodel, how to gain confidence, and much more. He is busy traveling the world helping women to define their personal style and to create their signature look.

Find William on the Inspiration Stage:

Friday April 27th & Saturday April 28th at 5:00 pm "For Make-up & Style Tips & Finding Your Inner Beauty!"

Alicia Bias

Alicia Bias is the owner and lead organizer for Lux Simplicity Professional Organizing. With three kids (one being on the autism spectrum), frequent moves, suffering from depression, anxiety, and numerous chronic health issues, her stress became the catalyst to her own decluttering and organization journey.

While sharing her journey on social media, she realized she was not alone, and many other women were struggling with the same feelings of being overwhelmed. She was able to combine her passion and experience to create a personalized luxury service for those women seeking function and order in their busy lives. Her attraction to mindfulness and self-growth equips her to work with individuals who are seeking similar life improvements, and she works with each client to learn routines, habits, and personal style to create a customized solution. While she focuses on design in her organizing, the mental health benefits will always, first and foremost, be her “WHY”!

Find Alicia on the Inspiration Stage:

Friday April 27th at 1:00 pm "Free Your Mind: The Positive Effects of Decluttering on Your Mental Health"

Saturday April 28th at 2:00 pm “Luxury in Simplicity: Simple Ways to Upgrade Your Life”

Cindy Jorgensen

Cindy’s Motto is: Faith, Family, Physical, & Financial Wellness. Cindy is a Health & Life Coach. She enjoys crossfit, tennis, & skiing. She is a warrior, cancer survivor, wife and mother! She has strong entrepreneurial skills that has brought her much success in her business and throughout her life. She enjoys working with youth and training others. She has had the privilege of being an at-risk youth counselor, corporate training managers, and has inspired many through her Especially for Youth speaking engagements. Cindy has also been featured on National Television segments and traveling nationwide to inspire others through her story. She has currently trained to be an Ideal Life Vision Consultant. Come join Cindy and learn how to obtain Health Happiness, & Hope!

Find Cindy on the Inspiration Stage:

Friday April 27th at 2:00 pm "Be A Warrior: Obtain Health, Happiness, & Hope"

Saturday April 28th at 12:00 pm "Be A Warrior: Obtain Health, Happiness, & Hope by Creating A Balanced Life"



Rebecca Kordecki, the creator of Booty Slide and owner of RK FIT, has enjoyed a robust 22-year career as a Beverly Hills Celebrity Trainer, Group Exercise Teacher, Diet Coach, Corporate Wellness Advocate, Podcast and Radio Host and Public Speaker.

Rebecca has been featured on “The Today Show”, “EXTRA”, and has been written up in periodicals such as Vogue, The New York Times, Hamptons, InStyle, Shape, TimeOut NY and Daily Candy amongst others.

Rebecca most recently hosted her own radio show for 2 years on Healthylife.net called Get Lifted that focused on health and wellness. Rebecca currently hosts "MicroFit" a podcast dedicated to health education and motivation.


Additionally, Rebecca is concentrating her expertise on helping individuals and groups release trauma and emotional baggage from their lives through Breathwork Workshops and Women's Wellness/Empowerment Retreats. She is also the founder of “Flip the S.W.I.T.C.H.” a program designed to empower youth and women coming from difficult backgrounds including but not exclusive to sexual abuse, domestic violence, substance abuse, etc. to rise up from any limiting set of circumstances and lead an abundant, joyful life no matter what.

In the fitness industry, as a passionate Personal Trainer, Rebecca provides clients with a disciplined, focused strategy and most importantly, results. Because of her hard work and dedication she was voted “the Best of the Best Personal Trainer” in the Hamptons two years in a row while living on the east coast. She has also earned an impressive client roster from all walks of life including high profile Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes, and celebrities.

Her current and past clientele for Personal Training & Massage Therapy includes:
Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson, Jim Carrey, Jim Belushi, Jay Glazer, Khloe Kardashian, Rebel Wilson, JLo, Anastacia, Cassie, Raquel Welch, Hunter Tylo (“The Bold and The Beautiful”), Oliver Stone, Rick Fox, Elijah Wood, Scott Wolf (ABC’s V and Party of Five).

In the Professional Athletes category Rebecca’s clients for Deep Tissue and Sports Massage Therapy include: Kevin Love (Cleveland Cavaliers), Russell Wilson (Seahawks QB) Roy Hibbert (former LA Laker), Reggie Bush (SF 49er’s) Matt Kemp (San Diego Padres), Chandler Parsons (Memphis Grizzlies).

In 2007, Rebecca created her own signature workout program called Booty Slide which one of the original full body slide workouts that targets the butt. Booty Slide combines Yoga, Pilates, and HIIT training for a fun, fast paced and total body workout that accommodates every fitness level and is perfect at home workout. For more about Rebecca visit her website www.rebeccakordecki.com

Find Rebecca on the Inspiration Stage:

Friday April 27th at 12:15 pm & Saturday April 28th at 10:15 am



Leah Steele is a Mystical Mindset Coach, Soul Diviner and badass intuitive mystic living a magically soul aligned life. Leah is on a mission to inspire, guide and empower 1 million + women to live authentically and rediscover their soul's purpose and passions. She is passionate about helping women discover their unique individual spiritual path. Her 1:1 and group coaching programs, retreats, readings, and classes are designed to help women rediscover their soul purpose and teach them to live authentically by implementing​ a daily soul practice that helps them live in their purpose and stay on their path. She teaches women to connect to source energy, develop and trust their intuition and create joy and bliss in their lives. Spirituality or Soul Truth is sacred and individual. It is a divine choice. Our soul journey through life is constantly changing and evolving. Leah is honored to create sacred space for women to explore and develop their unique practice and path!

Find Leah on the Inspiration Stage:

Friday April 27th at 4:00 pm "Stop Living a Mediocre Life! How to Live Fulfilled and Soul Aligned"



We are Becky and Erin, the “BE” behind BEcoming Threads. We are two mom’s with 10 kids between us and sister in-laws who began to realize the power of words and how they can influence our stories. Through BEcoming Threads, we put positive and happy words on apparel to lift and empower women to BEcome what they want to become. What started as a fun and positive way to share goodness has become an opportunity for us to express our passion for words while helping women discover their full potential and share their story.

Words can mean different things to us at different times. In a world of comparison and negativity, we believe that surrounding ourselves with positive messaging can encourage our purpose and increase our ability to do good.

Our apparel is “POSITIVE”ly fabulous. It is made to inspire, is super comfy and full of love. Join us on a journey to BEcome who we are meant to BE and "Let What You Wear Tell Your Story."

Find us on the Inspiration Stage:

Saturday April 28th at 4:00 pm "Let the Power of Words Change Your Story"

Annette Belnap & Michelle Stevenett

Annette Belnap is a wife and mom to 5 kids. She writes the blog, Tips From a Typical Mom and is the President of Dollar Maxi Pad Club. She shares family friendly recipes, parenting tips, and homemaking tips on her blog. She loves to help mothers learn to cope with their busy lives by providing life hacks and inspiration.

Michelle Stevenett is a Certified Health and Life Coach. “I’m on a mission to help women become friends with their bodies so they can feel fabulous without crazy diets or unsustainable workout plans."

Her latest project is a course specifically designed for small groups of friends to engage together in their transformation process. She believes that lasting changes are most likely to be achieved, “…when we consistently engage in understanding ourselves, and do it with the support, love, and accountability found within a small circle of friends."

Michelle has been a Pure Barre instructor for more than five years, is an avid listener to podcasts, loves food, yoga, fresh air, and visiting local restaurants whenever she gets to travel. She is a wife, mother, natural yeast baker, kombucha maker, and kitchen dancer.

Find us at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Saturday April 28th at 4:30 pm "Break Up with Busy"- Tips from a Typical Mom

Emily Allen

Emily Allen is a former obese girl turned Integrative Nutrition Health Coach. She lost 70 pounds by cutting processed food, an experience she documented on her site, www.healthbyemily.com. Emily now teaches families how to cut processed foods and live their healthiest lives. She teaches cooking classes, does public speaking about healthy living, and has even appeared on local news programs featuring her recipes. Emily believes that anyone can live a healthier life, no matter their schedule or budget. You can find her on her site www.healthbyemily.com, on Instagram, on Pinterest, and on Facebook.

Find Emily at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th at 7:00 pm "Easy and Healthy Weeknight Dinners"

Saturday April 28th at 1:00 pm "Why Fat Isn't Evil After All"

April Tafoya

Hi! I’m April Tafoya, I run and healthy food and wellness blog called Fueling Function. I’m delighted to be part of the Salt Lake Women’s Show this year, presenting in the Fitness niche. Because nutrition is such a big part of my life and my business, I’ll be sharing a 20-minute meal prep demo during the event. You can catch me showcasing an easy, meatless option that you can prepare on Sunday and enjoy all week.

I’ll also be giving away and Instant Pot to one lucky participant, so I hope to see you there!

Find April at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th at 2:00 pm & Saturday 28th at 12:00 pm "Planning and Prepping Healthy"

Courtney Killpack

I'm a wife, a mom to two, and I'm obsessed with bras. It all started back in 2006 when I was hired as a Bra Fit Specialist at Nordstrom. I had no prior experience with lingerie or bras and little did I know my life was forever changed.

I worked at Nordstrom for four years where I got my experience, learned a ton, and become a Certified Bra Fit Specialist. I grew a large and loyal clientele and I LOVED what helping women. It's cliche' but I truly felt like I was making a difference in women's lives by helping women find bras that fit them. Bras are more than just underwear, they can help women gain more confidence and help them to look and feel amazing.

I quit by Bra Fit Specialist job at Nordstrom when I graduated from college. I worked in the medical marketing industry for a couple of years and when I had my daughter in 2012, I was really tired of not feeling passionate about my work. So I quit to become a full time stay at home mom.

I soon found myself bored. I started a blog and decided to write about what I was passionate about... BRAS! Long story short, things grew fast on my blog and I soon found my calling in life. In 2015, Bra Fittings by Court www.brafittingsbycourt.com was created and my mission is to be a place where women feel empowered, find the beauty within, and learn how to love and accept flaws, imperfections, and themselves! And if I happen to solve your bra problems too, that's a plus too! I strongly believe women can conquer the world when you're in love with yourself.

Find Courtney at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th at 3:30 pm "Bras That Fit Can Change Your Life"

Dr. Whit Roberts

Dr. Roberts is uniquely qualified as a noted authority on alternative solutions to chronic illness. He has practiced health care in many settings over his 23 year career. In 2001 he co-founded a multidisciplinary clinic that combined the best of ancient wisdom, modern alternative therapies and western medicine. This multi-million dollar clinic employed over 10 different physicians and holistic health care practitioners.

He has devoted his career to learning how to unleash the innate healing powers of the body. With his understanding of and respect for the innate intelligence of the body, he has perfected his protocols for correcting the errors and confusion that block that intelligence, allowing the body to health and be restored to optimal health.

In the most recent years, Dr Roberts has adapted his unique approach to addressing four of the most common and severe health concerns of our day; obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and neuropathy. They are devastating and potentially deadly diseases that modern medicine and our societal norms are promoting rather than resolving. Dr. Roberts combines his vast knowledge of nutrition with cutting edge technology to create a healing experience unlike any you have ever known.

Find Dr. Roberts at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th at 4:30 pm "Hidden Health Concerns Keeping You Sick & Over Weight"

Utah Dance Artist-STARS
Performance Group

The UDA STARS Performance Program is a non-audition dance team for dancers in Kindergarten through 6th grade. The program is designed to give dancers experience in artistic development and performance in the genres of ballet and jazz. Using our community as the vehicle, we find opportunities for STARS dancers to grow as artists in a non-competitive environment. Dancers learn the importance of being responsible to self and accountability to others as a member of a team.

Find the UDA STARS on the Inspiration Stage:

Friday April 28th at 8:00 pm



The Utah Falconz is a Women’s Full Tackle Semi-Professional Football team based in Salt Lake City Utah. The Falconz are entering their 5th season as defending back-to-back National Champions. Their record over four season is 41-1. The team boasts a roster of 53 players and 12 volunteer coaches.



As a child, I grew up in the apparel industry and worked in my families clothing stores in southern Portugal. I have the distinct pedigree as a third generation within my family to be entrenched within the apparel Industry.

I began to assist my fathers clients at the age of eight years old. From that moment forward, I was hooked.

I work with the stay at home mom and dads to CEOs, entrepreneurs, public figures all the way to politicians.

My primary goal is to assist you to experience your true exterior potential. I know that when we enhance your personal Style and brand outwardly, it will guide you to being the best version of YOU both personally and professionally!

Find Eugenia at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Saturday April 28th at 5:00 pm "Style Matters"

Suzi Sands
Aviva Woman


Since she was a little girl, Suzi has always been interested in the harmonious works of nature and the role she, along with her other fellow species, plays in her environment (biological science degree from WGU). She has always been eager to share any and everything she learns with the nearest listening ear. Maybe, she just loves the sound of her own voice (teacher and public speaker). The way she shows love and compassion is by caring for and making memories for her family and friends (Master Esthetician and Instructor). But the most important skills came in creating her own clan of 3 (single motherhood) where she learned to juggle home, work, school, and child rearing all in one day and before the age of 30!

The story continues as one day Suzi sat frustrated with the lack of avenues for women to talk about intimate issues and find relief for common problems that women deal with during the many phases of life. Thus, the birth of Aviva Woman. As Co-founder, Suzi has a vision to empower the women of her community, and all communities, to take control of their intimate wellness, to embrace, love, and nurture their own unique identity.

Find Suzi at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Saturday April 28th at 10:30 am "Women’s Health & Intimacy"

Megan F. Brown

Megan Faulkner Brown is the founder of The Sweet Tooth Fairy, embraced the foundations of baking and entrepreneurship simultaneously, and at an early age. Some of Brown's earliest memories are of sitting at the kitchen counter helping her mom make cookies. From her mother Megan learned exactly what color chocolate chip cookies should be when they emerge from the oven, and how a tasty treat can bring a smile to any face. From her father Megan gleaned an entrepreneurial spirit and the courage to pursue lofty ambitions. From the perfect mixture of these philosophies emerged The Sweet Tooth Fairy, a gourmet bake shop that has quickly become one of the most beloved companies in the Rocky Mountain region.

Deemed by Food Network’s Cupcake Wars as one of the country’s most accomplished bakers, Megan not only has battled and won their competition, but she also has 9 retail bakeries located in Utah and Arizona. In January of 2013, she was a featured chef at the prestigious Chefdance in Park City. In addition to finding new locations, making regular appearances on local news stations and TV shows, national blogs, and introducing her signature Cakebites™ on the Rachael Ray Show, TLC, QVC and the Gayle King Show, Megan spends her time returning to her roots, standing over her mixing bowl with pinches and powdered sugar developing new recipes. Before any product hits the shelves of the Sweet Tooth Fairy locations, it is first created and refined in Megan’s kitchen. Last year, Megan launched a line of baking and decorating tools that hit the shelves of major retailers like Micheals, Bed Bath and Beyond, and Joanns.

Megan’s passions expand beyond baking and mixing. Prior to embarking on her baking career, she was a staff member for former U.S. Representative Chris Cannon for nine years. However, her favorite job is being the spouse of Ethan Brown and the proud mother of six children, who serve as the company’s executive taste testers. Megan sincerely believes that every role, whether it is cooking up meaningful legislation, creating special delights to ease someone’s day or reading a bedtime story, provides an opportunity to better society. With this mindset, Megan launched the Bake a Difference initiative, which actively supports causes that seek to improve and inspire communities.

Megan is looking forward to leading the continued growth of The Sweet Tooth Fairy, helping customers in new communities make memories with those they care about, one batch at a time.

Find Megan at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th at 5:30 pm & Saturday April 28th at 1:30 pm

Wendy Paul

Wendy is the bestselling author of the 101 Gourmet Series and a food contributor to Studio 5. She has been cooking and baking her entire life, writing 8 cookbooks, the most recent for Core 7 Fitness. These new recipes were inspired by her own personal journey of a starting a healthy lifestyle and finding joy in fitness, and of creating healthy recipes her kids and husband would eat and love. Wendy believes healthy food should taste good too. These new recipes inspired her latest cookbook, Core 7 Fueled. When she is not baking or cooking, she enjoys consignment shopping, gardening and the occasional nap. She and her husband and 4 kids live in Northern Utah.

Easy Family Dinners in 30 minutes. Clean eating recipes the kids will love. Plus easy meal prep ideas to get you started. Eating healthy has never been easier. The recipes included are in my newest cookbook, Core 7 Fueled.

Find Wendy at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th & Saturday April 28th at 3:00 pm "Healthy Family Dinners in 30 Minutes"

Carrie Coppola

Carrie Coppola is the owner of Mudita – Be Joy Yoga. Carrie has always seen yoga as gift – bringing balance, clarity and awareness to her life. Her passion is to share that gift with other women. Through retreats, workshops and one-on-one sessions, Carrie creates space for women to inhabit their bodies, experience their breath, supporting them to find their voice, to discover their own beauty, to live from a place of truth.

Carrie is an E-RYT, and a Certified Yoga Therapist. Along with her yoga certifications, Carrie holds a B.S. in Social Sciences, a Secondary Teaching Certificate and a Masters in Education, from the University of Utah.

Join Carrie to learn the basics of breathing, the potential of mindfulness, how to be centered in your everyday life. Truly, serenity is a breath away!

Find Carrie at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Saturday April 28th at 10:00 am "Breathe to Unwind-Finding Serenity in Under 5 minutes

Melissa Esplin

Melissa Esplin loves cooking, sewing, photography, calligraphy, design, art, mothering and watching embarrassing amounts of mediocre TV. She struggles with laundry, mopping the floors and managing realistic expectations.

Melissa is constantly rediscovering her balance as she and her husband, Chris, build Calligraphy.org and take care of three ridiculously sticky children.

She's been teaching calligraphy since 2010 and online since 2012. In the four years she's been teaching calligraphy online, she's been fortunate to take a front seat in many artists' beginnings and see the love for letters develop first-hand.

Class Description: Do you admire beautiful modern calligraphy? Start lettering now with Melissa’s Hand Lettering Class. This is for anyone wanting to learn the basics of hand lettering and Melissa has the expertise to get you started on the road to beautiful lettering & design!

Find Melissa at the Shade Workshop Center:

Friday April 27th at 7:30 pm "Hand Lettering"

D'Arcy Benincosa

D'Arcy Benincosa is the Founder of THE PATH WORKSHOPS, a Destination Wedding Photographer, and CEO of D'Arcy Benincosa Coaching. She is a business coach and consultant to creative entrepreneurs around the globe. After getting hired by Sports Illustrated magazine she quit her day job as a teacher and began her photography career in earnest. Based in NYC and Paris, D'Arcy's work is regularly featured on the top wedding publications including Martha Stewart Weddings, Bride's and Style Me Pretty. Her photographs have graced the screen on The View, ABC, and NBC. Her love stories have been featured on Upworthy, Huffington Post, and even tweeted about by Stephen Fry.

D'Arcy has a BA in English from Brigham Young University. and a MA in Directing and Art from New York University. D'Arcy is one of those people who believes all things are possible. She is committed and passionate about living a life she loves and helping others achieve the same freedom by creating businesses that bring them joy, wealth, fulfillment and adventure. She has worked and lived in over 7 different countries and has a plan to visit every country in the world before she's 50. She's making good headway.

Find D'Arcy at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Saturday April 28th at 6:00 pm "How To Retrain Your Brain for Success in 15 minutes a Day"

April Benincosa

April Benincosa is the owner of three Image Studio Salons in Utah, the creator of Bella Cosa Beauty, and has been named one of Utah's 40 under 40 Entrepreneurs to Watch. She has successfully done hair and make up for over 15 years. Her work has taken her to jobs in New York City, Paris, and Ireland just to name a few. With a degree in Psychology from the University of Utah, April has combined her savvy business skills, her love for beauty, and her desire to teach and mentor into her very own special brand of Hair therapy! After over a decade of watching women put themselves down, April branched into speaking and coaching. She specializes in helping women break out of negative thought patterns and retrain the way they see and approach their lives.

April's work has been widely featured in Sports Illustrated Magazine, Utah Bride & Groom Magazine, Martha Stewart Weddings and more. She is passionate about changing the way women see themselves and their place in the world. She lives in Sandy with her husband, her two step sons, and her three dogs.

Find April at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th at 12:30 "Say Yes to Saying NO!"

Eddee Johansen

Eddee Johansen, Owner of Yoshi’s Japanese Grill, has been referred to as the king of fast Casual dining. He has serious love for creating some of the most delicious Asian-inspired food around. His restaurant serves a variety of unique rice bowls and sushi rolls that are really tasty. His sushi classes are known to be not only educational but fun! It’s a hands on experience so come ready to rock and “Roll”!

Find Eddee at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th at 1:00 pm "Sushi Making"

Russ Sherman

Russ believes there are four key components to all his clients success: Nutrition, Exercise, Mental Fitness & Life Transformation. Russ is a Master Level Trainer with extensive experience in leading creative new fitness markets through cross marketing and education. Having spent 5 years with Lifetime Fitness serving the Fitness industry and the prior 10+ years as a Fitness entrepreneur; He is a recognized, results driven business leader skilled at shaping strategies, cross marketing, public relations, setting culture, building winning teams, planning, and execution. His experience includes but not limited to leading Fitness Professionals in the Western states, and creating dynamic Fitness programs that change lives daily. One of his core competencies is leading creative change and innovating niche dynamics, which is critical given the constantly shifting business industry. He is in the business of helping people become their absolute best through fitness, nutrition and helping create a life with purpose through Life Coaching by integrating very specific modalities and programs that fit their personality type and their personal enjoyment.

Find Russ at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th at 1:30 pm & Saturday April 28th

Carol Glines

Carol Glines is the lead Licensed Master Esthetician (LME) at Constantine Cosmetic Surgery.

Find Carol at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th at 2:30 pm & Saturday April 28th at 2:30 pm "Why Freezing Fat is So Cool: Everything You Need to Know About CoolSculpting"

Connie Peterson

Connie Peterson is the founder and owner of Anchored In Grace Training, a company specializing in defensive training and personal protection. Connie and her co-trainer, Melanie Lewis have been teaching and empowering women to be aware of their surroundings and preparing them to defend themselves in any situation for over two years.

Connie and Melanie have received certifications as NRA instructors in both shotgun and pistol as well as Personal Protection Inside the Home. They are certified instructors with the Well Armed Woman, along with being Utah Concealed Firearm Permit instructors. Connie and Melanie are also chapter leaders for the Well Armed Woman Shooting Chapter of Salt Lake Valley.

Connie and Melanie have been requested by several schools, churches and businesses throughout the valley to teach and train situational awareness to everyone from employees to youth groups.

Course Description: The Introduction to Situational Awareness course is designed to teach women some of the basic everyday circumstances and the dangers that might exist. Being aware of your surroundings and knowing what to look out for can help you prevent unwanted and dangerous encounters. This course will give you guidance and tips about staying mentally alert and being aware. Remember, you win 100% of the fights you avoid!

Find Connie at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th at 6:30 pm & Saturday 11:30 am "Situational Awareness"

Robin Towle
Mrs. America Utah

Robin Towle has been married to her husband Kevin for 23 years. Together they have six children. Robin graduated from East Carolina University with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Dance. She owned a dance studio for several years before being a stay at home mom. Robin is an actor, writer and director. You can view her credits on IMBD including her first lead role as Dora in Lost at Desert, which will be submitted to the Sun Dance Film Festival this year. Robin is the Author of two children’s books that are ready for publication. Robin currently holds the title of Mrs. Utah America and is passionate about promoting her platform of suicide prevention. Robin's children are becoming more independent and she is finding time to spread her wings. While her creative pursuits are invigorating, Robin has felt a call that she has been pursuing for several years. Because of the unbelievable amount of teenage suicides in her community and having a child who struggles with anxiety and depression, Robin has felt a power beyond herself that has come with an amazing amount of inspiration. She is the founder of “Sign Wolf Pact”, a nonprofit organization. The program inspires teens to be inclusive, to give service, to find peace in nature, and to reduce stress through exercise. It teaches team building skills, positive self talk and life skills and gives support for a more connected family. To support her movement, Robin has written and is the producer of a short film directed by award winning director Rob Diamond and has been approached to make it into a feature film. It is based on a true story that focuses on fostering inclusion for teenage suicide prevention and build true self esteem through looking outward. She is super passionate about making a difference in the lives of our youth. www.signwolfpact.org

Find Robin at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th 7:30 pm "Inspiring Women to Breakthrough"

Oz Hutton

Starting out as a labor of love , Melange Liquid Catering is a dream come true. We love creating a fun and fabulous beverages that not only compliment your event theme but also includes all your guests regardless of their taste preference. We have something for everyone that leaves your guest thrilled and refreshed!

Find Oz at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th at 8:00 pm

2 Chicks & A Toolbelt

We are friends who would consult and help each other on all of our home and furniture projects and one day decided if we are going to be doing this all day, let's make it fun and do it together. We have worked so hard and after months of mixing and creating our own paint colors and constantly being asked, "Do you sell your paint?" We thought, why not? So, we hired a chemist and after months and months of hard work and testing to insure we had a superior product Chalky Chicks Furniture Paint was born! We love what we do & helping others succeed in all their projects too.

Find Michelle & Mina at the Shade Workshop Center:

Friday April 27th at 3:30pm "Furniture Refinishing with Chalk Paint"

Plastic Surgery


Constantine Cosmetic Surgery is one of Utah’s only office-based surgical center dedicated exclusively to cosmetic surgical procedures. Directed by Dr. Steven Constantine, his 6,000 sq ft, newly-renovated facility is state-licensed and undergoes regular inspections for uncompromised patient safety. The facility has two state-of-the-art operative suites, a full service medical spa, and a dedicated CoolSuite™ for the latest CoolSculpting technology and techniques.

Learn all about CoolSculpting from Constantine Cosmetic Surgery’s lead Licensed Master Aesthetician, Carol Glines. She’s done hundreds of CoolSculpting cycles on every area imaginable and will follow the presentation with a live CoolSculpting demo. This presentation will cover any question you have ever had about CoolSculpting!

Find us at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th at 2:30 pm & Saturday April 28th at 2:30 pm "Why Freezing Fat is So Cool: Everything You Need to Know About CoolSculpting"

Pink Rose


Photography means something more to Michelle Ellsworth. She started her professional photography career the day before her oldest son was in an accident that took his life in April of 2006. Her mission became to give to others what she wished she could give to herself-the gift of more than just the smile, but to tell the story behind those smiles. Michelle passionately believes the importance of family portraits and capturing everyday memories.

In memory of her son, she started the “Good Grief Project” where she photographs families who have lost children to celebrate how these families have turned their grief into something good. Michelle studied photography at Brigham Young University-Idaho and has been a professional photographer for twelve years. She is the mother to six beautiful children and the wife to a very tall man.

Pink Rose Photography will be teaching a 30 minute class on how to capture great photos of your kiddos in everyday life. Michelle will be discussing how to interact with your child(ten) to achieve genuine and authentic facial expressions as well as tips and tricks for flattering lighting. This class is for all moms who have any type of camera and want to remember all the moments of their child's life.

Find Michelle at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Saturday April 28th at 12:30 pm "How To Capture the Perfect Picture"



Life is crazy! And meal time, well...it’s not the easiest part of the day. It just needs to be a little more...simple, right? That’s what Thrive Life is here for. Stop by our cooking demo and let us show you how it is done!

Find us at the Interactive Lifestyle Theater:

Friday April 27th 5:00pm & Saturday April 28th 4:00 pm "Simple, Clean, Healthy Cooking"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Salt Lake Women's Show?

This show is all about YOU! See the latest in fashion, beauty, fitness, home decor and DIY. Enter to win fabulous giveaways, treat yourself to pampering beauty treatments, shop the latest trends, attend free workshops and live fashions shows. We can’t wait to see you there.

Where is the Salt Lake Women's Show?

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Single day tickets are $7.00. The weekend pass is $10.00, and includes access to exclusive deals and entertainment at the show.

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Friday April 27th 12pm-9pm & Saturday April 28th 10am-7pm.

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Our vendors will be accepting both cash and all major credit cards. ATM available in the Expo Center Lobby.

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