Whether it’s your roommate, sibling, or partner, sharing a bathroom can be straining on each other day to day especially when there are only 1-1.5 bathrooms in the house. Make use of your bathroom time without getting into hot water around the people you live with.

To make sure that you’re not that person who is known for being in the bathroom for 2 hours doing your hair, makeup, or shaving, then it’s necessary to use the bathroom for only the toilet and shower. The less time used in the bathroom, the more time for necessary duties in there.

Don’t store everything in the bathroom

It helps not waste time in the bathroom if the stuff you’re using in there isn’t in it. If there is a closet or designated storage area for towels, makeup, soap or tweezers outside of the bathroom, take advantage and organize it as best as you can.

Have Mirrors Throughout The House

Similar to not having everything all in the bathroom, that applies to mirrors too. Have mirrors throughout the house. This is an opportunity to consider investing in a bedroom vanity for makeup or the chance to spruce up your home decor with placing a couple of mirrors around the house. Mirrors help people get ready in the morning in other places of the house without the use of the bathroom. This helps clear up time for people who need to do what’s necessary for the bathroom while it doesn’t conflict with your own “getting ready” routine.

Coordinate Schedules

Align your schedule with the people you live with. Even with all these tips, mornings in the bathroom can still create quite a time crunch. Shower at night and there is no need to take up more time in the morning while people get ready. Stagger your schedule to allow time for each person to get their bathroom time. By staggering, you can plan and accommodate to your own routine.

From time to time, there may be no entirely functional way to share a bathroom with more than one person, but with the right way to organize, schedule, and with the help of a routine adjustment, it definitely is possible.

AuthorJenna Roden