Alexa Chung Got Schooled On How To Wear Her Bra

Sometimes even a catwalk model can use some sound fashion advice – Alexa Chung learnt this adage when her Next In Fashion co-host Tanveer “Tan” France made a remark on the way the star wore her bra.

Alexa Chang

In a nutshell, Tan France, who is a designer and an author in addition to his career on TV, pointed out that the way Alexa was using her bra didn’t do the supermodel any favors. What was her mistake? The faux pas consisted in having the straps of the bra too loose to be functional. According to Tan France, he could “fit a whole two fists” between the shoulders and the straps.

What is the right way to wear your bra? For starters, the space between the shoulders and the straps of your bra should be no bigger than two fingers – again, in the words of couture maven and the TV fashion show host.

All of that happened behind the scenes, but Alexa and Tan referred to this episode later when running a show. The two experts got reminiscent when addressing the style advice for women with bigger busts. A bra worn correctly will help relieve the pain in the neck and stiffness that the ampler-bosomed of us tend to experience on daily basis.

The 36-year-old star then shared her feedback on Tan’s input with the Stylist magazine, saying that she appreciated the professional advice. She said it made a world of difference and forever changed her silhouette to the better – we can trust her on that, Alexa is the one who can rock the quirkiest of outfits with a majestic chic!

To quote the supermodel, “he did it up where it should be and my boobs were like … Actually can you do it again? Show her!” Wow, so other than looking better, it actually feels great – it totally pays to have a few good bra tricks down pat!

“Next In Fashion” star then added that she was surprised to receive a fashion advice, since people usually ignore her clothing habits; Alexa actually complains she never hears a word of compliment on her outfits. To contrast this, Tan France reports being fatigued by people always expecting to hear valuable fashion advice from him. According to Tan, he is too busy most of the time to mind his own regalia to even notice if people around him have heads on them.

AuthorKatie Porter