Do you have a double chin? Do you feel like your neck is too fat and it makes you look older than you are?

Then this blog post is for you! We will show you some of the best ways to get rid of that stubborn fat right under your jawline and chin.

Causes of a fat neck

Do you know what causes neck fat? It may be a surprise for you but we can tell that it has absolutely nothing to do with how old you are. When the body is at rest, there’s a tendency for fat cells to accumulate in areas of your body where they don’t typically build up like on the hips and thighs area. Neck muscles may be inactive but our bodies still need energy so when we eat food, these fatty acids get stored under our skin causing this little extra weight around our jawlines. This isn’t dangerous or anything because it doesn’t put pressure on any vital organs or cause other health problems. However, people often find this annoying because it makes them look older than their age!

Another thing that causes neck fat is the hormone cortisol, which is responsible for storing fat in areas where it’s difficult to pinch. Cortisol production changes with stress levels and the more you are stressed, the higher your weight gain will be.

When you have neck fat, it can be hard to find clothes that look good or feel comfortable. You might not want to wear turtleneck sweaters in the summertime if your extra weight looks even more out of place with its cool color! Neck fat is something that many people don’t think about until they are trying on their usual wardrobe and notice how this stubborn area just doesn’t respond well. It often gets ignored because most people focus too much time and energy on losing the abdominal area but when you read our article here, we explain why getting rid of neck fat should actually become a priority for everyone! We will also show you which exercises work best to help get rid of unwanted jawline flab.

How to lose neck fat

Losing neck fat is as easy as exercising and eating healthier. A healthy diet helps the body stay lean, so it becomes easier to tone areas like the neck where there is excess fat.

So, blend together carrots or apples with some leafy greens (like spinach) for a nutrient-rich juice drink that will help you lose your double chin quickly. Blend up these ingredients along with ginger because it has anti-inflammatory properties too. Ginger reduces swelling in any part of the body but especially around jawlines and necks since they are sensitive parts on our bodies that tend to swell easily from stress or allergies. This blend not only tastes good but makes your excessive fat burn away as well.

You can also try using apple cider vinegar to get rid of neck fat by drinking a tablespoon every morning on an empty stomach for best results. It may make you feel nauseous at first but it will go away in a few days and the benefits are worth the side effects! Apple cider vinegar is also great for preventing wrinkles because it can help tighten your skin up too, which helps remove deep creases from developing under the chin area that makes you look older.

Another habit that will help you lose neck fat is a regular regimen of green tea.

Green tea has been proven to boost your metabolism and reduce the amount of fat you hold in all areas including under the jawline, neck area, etc.

These will not only reduce the size of your neck but also improve its tone as well! But if these things don’t work then there might be another thing going on, so please do visit a doctor especially if this is something new. This can take years off your life which means it’s better to know now than later!


One more important point: if you really want to get rid of neck fat, exclude sugar from your diet. Sugar is one of the main culprits when it comes to body fat, and if you want a firm neck then getting rid of sugar will help in that area too!

What should be in focus

Remember not to rely on just one strategy for losing weightwork with a program or a plan that will help you lose weight overall. While doing that, equally focus on both diet and exercise.

The first thing that should be in focus while losing neck fat is a proper diet. Make sure to eat lean protein and you can even add some supplements such as BCAAs for faster results!

Combine your workouts with healthy eating habits, drink lots of water, get enough sleep every night – the list goes on but if you see these tips into practice then getting rid of neck fat will be no problem at all!

Also, don’t forget about the other body parts that you are working on. For example, if you are trying to lose belly fat then doing 100 crunches won’t help so much if it’s not the main problem area… So don’t neglect your workouts and try adding different types of exercises in order to get rid of neck fat faster!


Here are some of the tips that will definitely play their role if you engage them in your daily routine:

Showering Right – Making sure you’re showering correctly is a really easy way to get rid of neck fat and it takes around 20 seconds extra every day if you already have your routine down. All you need to do is make sure the water from the shower hits your chest area rather than going directly on your head or neck as this will help reduce any excess fat in those areas too. To add even more benefit, try standing with one foot on top of the other while you’re under there so all that running water sluices straight off both legs instead!

Wearing Your Seat Belt Correctly – If however, despite following these tips about how to get rid of neck fat then some may still be left, try wearing your seat belt correctly and/or carrying a neck pillow in the car.

Using a neck pillow – there are many different types of neck pillow so it’s really just a matter of finding one that suits you best. This will help support your head and keep the weight off your neck, meaning there’ll be less pressure on your supporting muscles to try and carry all that extra load! Use a neck pillow when traveling, sleeping, taking a bath, or simply relaxing on your couch watching TV or reading a book.

Sitting or standing? – It may seem like an obvious thing but many people don’t realize that posture has such an impact on how much fat is stored in certain areas. If for instance, someone sits down at work throughout their day then they could store more fat around the upper body area than if they were to stand up instead which can also reduce any excess fat build-up around the stomach too as this isn’t being used to hold yourself upright either.

Massage – The neck muscles are often surprisingly tense and a simple way to get rid of this is through massage. There are many different types available from aromatherapy, or deep tissue which can help work out the knots in any problem areas meaning that over time these will decrease too so it’s definitely worth considering if you have been under a lot of stress recently for example.

Use an anti-cellulite cream – Another great product that could be used on the neck area simply because there isn’t much else it would be suitable for! Massaging with creams such as body butter may actually help tone down excess fat pockets especially when applied regularly each day before bedtime. This not only helps prevent them from getting worse but reduces their appearance too which means you can wear any clothes you like and not feel self-conscious because of your neck area.

Apply a face serum – This may sound strange but trust me it works! Serums are designed to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help plump up your skin so you have a more youthful appearance which is why they’re perfect for targeting neck fat too. The good thing about serums is that because there’s not much else it could be used for then this means you can use as little or as much as necessary on each application.

Bear in mind that there are other things that could contribute instead of just bodyweight gain like thyroid problems or hormone imbalances which means this might not work.

In this case, you will have to go for a more drastic or at least long-term solution and seek medical help.

Neck fat exercises

Now that we have covered the basics of how exactly to go about losing neck fat, let’s delve right into all those effective ways to get rid of neck flab! So if you want a toned jawline and don’t know where to start then this part is just perfect for you! Exercise plays an important role in getting rid of extra weight but it should be said that any time spent doing cardio workouts such as running on a treadmill, taking long walks outside, etc will also benefit your efforts – so feel free to include these types of activities too even though they may not target the neck area itself. Physical activity enhances well-being and reduces stress, both of which are important for overall health and wellness.

On top of that, regular exercise can also help to reduce tension headaches – an issue many people experience as a result of stress or fatigue. Whenever you’re exercising your neck muscles will be working too but it’s recommended to not do any exercises that require straining these muscles since this might cause pain in the area later on!

So again, feel free to engage in physical activities such as walking, jogging, or playing tennis but try sticking with light workouts like yoga instead if possible. Yoga is extremely beneficial when it comes down to improving flexibility so don’t worry about getting hurt by doing all those poses because even though they may look awkward at first they’ll definitely get easier over some time and practice.

So, as you have already understood, if you want to get rid of neck fat, do not neglect your neck exercises. There are a great number of simple and effective ones that you can do at home or even while traveling to work, such as the following:

Turning Your Head – Simply turn your head from side to side slowly without moving anything else. Repeat this for five minutes every day before going to bed if possible so it gets done because nobody wants dead skin cells hanging out on their face!

Picking Up Something Heavy – This will help build up muscle tone around your neck area which also helps reduce fat pockets there too (this is especially good for men). If you don’t have any heavy objects lying around then try doing hand-to-hand weight lifting instead by making a fist with each hand and squeezing them together tightly until your knuckles turn white.

Tilt your head back. Another great exercise for the neck is to tilt your head back and stretch it slowly as far back as you can go. Hold this position for five seconds then bring your head forward quickly until the front of your chin touches your chest (do not let it touch though). Repeat these steps ten times three or four times a week depending on how much time you have to spare each day.

Raise both of your arms. The last but not least exercise is to lie down on your back and slowly raise both of your arms straight up over your head until they are fully extended. While keeping them outstretched with palms facing forward, roll your hands so that the backs of them face you with fingers pointing to the ceiling (almost like a surfer riding an incoming wave). Hold this position for five seconds then quickly bring your arms all the way back past the original starting position as fast as possible. Repeat these steps twenty times three or four times per week depending on how much time you have to spare each day.

Be sure to maintain proper posture while performing any type of exercise in order to avoid injury during movement. This includes keeping the spine straight, shoulders back, and head up. Be sure not to hold your breath while performing each exercise, because this could lead to an increased risk of fainting during movement.

Also always remember to stretch before doing any type of physical activity including these ab workouts!

Be confident and do not postpone your plans

There are a lot of ways to combat fat around your neck. We’ve outlined some tips above for you to take advantage of, but the best way is to combine them all together because then you’ll see that it’s not just about one certain thing. Whether you’re trying this for yourself or someone else, keep these in mind and try out as many different combinations as possible! The better shape your body is in, the more confident you will be with how you look. It doesn’t have to be difficult either; so don’t wait another day before starting on this journey towards better health!

AuthorKatie Porter