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Building the Right Face Mask to Fend Off Winter Skin

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Winter is coming.  As the temperatures and the leaves start to drop, many of us have already started gearing up to defend our skin against the fiercely drying conditions of winter. Finding the right moisturizer in the beauty aisles can be overwhelming and expensive. The good news is you probably have everything you need in your kitchen to keep a healthy glow in your skin.


You can find recipes for homemade face masks all over the internet, but how do you know which is the best choice for you? Trying mask after mask with minimal results can be frustrating and can get expensive. Creating a custom mask might be the answer to help your skin stay healthy and smooth. Knowing the benefits of everyday household and natural ingredients can help you mix up a perfect blend to keep your skin full of life.


Before we talk about specific ingredients, we should break down what makes them so great. All of the ingredients we’ll mention are packed with things that have amazing benefits for your skin. Knowing how each element helps keep your skin healthy will help you choose the right ingredients for your custom mask. So let’s break it down!


Potassium provides hydration and moisturization. B Vitamins act as anti-aging agents. Vitamin A works to heal dry, weathered skin, fade acne and dark spots, and smooths aging skin. Zinc fights acne-causing germs. Vitamin C helps collagen production and controls skin oils. Vitamin E protects against UV damage and slows signs of aging. Amino acids nourish skin and strengthen connective tissues to maintain skin elasticity.

So what things can you gather up from your cabinets that will put you on the right track for happy, healthy skin?




The idea of putting honey on your face might seem like a recipe for a sticky mess, but you don’t need much to reap its benefits.  Full of antioxidants (which will help with anti-aging), Vitamin B6 and Vitamin C, honey will give your complexion a nice little boost.  The enzymes in honey allow it to easily seep into your skin and open up your pores so that the pores are easier to clean out. Also, did you know that honey is a natural antibacterial? Use a dab on clean skin for acne spot treatment!


Egg Yolks


We’ve all heard of putting egg yolks in our hair for a good protein treatment, but putting them on  your face has a host of other benefits. Vitamins A and B2 help foster smooth and younger-looking skin, while the zinc helps keep the skin clear. In baking, eggs are used for their binding qualities, and that’s the same reason to put them on your face: they help lock moisture into your skin!



There’s a reason you’ve seen so many facial recipes that feature oatmeal: It has a tried and true reputation for loving your skin as much as you do. Oatmeal offers gentle exfoliation and helps the skin retain moisture, which ultimately leads to your skin looking and feeling young and fresh.  Oatmeal is also a great natural anti-inflammatory, it nourishes the skin, and improves dryness and roughness. What’s not to love?


Sweet Almond Oil

This ingredient may be less common in households, but it’s well worth adding to your skin care arsenal. Every drop of this oil contains Vitamin E, Vitamin A, monounsaturated fatty acids (to help retain moisture and heal dry, chapped, irritated skin), protein, potassium, and zinc. Talk about a power house! Sweet almond oil will help lighten dark under eye circles, help relieve distressed skin, and it’s a natural makeup remover.



If you only add one thing to your skin care regimen from this list, make it bananas. Mashing up a single banana and applying it to your skin once or twice a week will provide huge benefits! Potassium, B vitamins, Vitamin A, Zinc, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and amino acids are all packed into this one source. Bananas will help moisturize your skin, balance your oils, treat acne, treat dark spots, and help with anti-aging.  


Any of these ingredients alone can help improve the overall health of your skin, but creating a bespoke recipe that addresses your specific skin needs with all-natural ingredients helps your skin and your wallet!

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