Are you experiencing consistent pain in your back? Do you have some heavier fronts? If so, you may benefit from a posture correcting bra. Posture correcting bras were designed to reduce pain in your neck, back and shoulders caused by having a heavier chest. Wearing the best posture support bra is a great way to ensure that your neck and back are not under too much pressure. Read our following guide to know more about these bras.

Possible reasons for the pain in your back

There are many reasons for everyday pain in your back, neck, and shoulders. A common reason is a muscle/ligament strain due to heavy lifting or any sudden uncomfortable movement. People suffering from diseases like arthritis or osteoporosis may also experience severe back pain regularly. If you don’t belong to either of these cases, yet share a routine stressed neck and back pain, you must seriously consider replacing your daily bra with a posture support bra. A wrong posture may be a severe reason for this everyday pain.

What is a Posture Bra?

Posture corrector bras are comfortable everyday wearable bras that are made to support and correct your posture. They come in all sizes, designs, and colours and retain your back’s shape, thus helping you move freely. The bras are engineered to put pressure on your shoulder, thus aligning your spine and neck so that you aren’t hunched forward. They are also known for their ability to reduce the forward pull of heavier set breasts.

How does good posture support bra work?

A good posture corrector bra sits on the perfect angle that corrects your spine’s curve and aligns your pelvis. It is a valuable addition to your daily life that helps your body retain its proper posture and builds specific mind-muscle pathways that help you maintain a healthy posture and avoid some severe pains that may arise as a result of an inappropriate posture.

The best guide to buying the right Posture Corrector Bra

You must be having prior experience of wearing a bra. There is not much difference between your routine bra and a posture corrector bra. Your choice for the right posture bra should be dependent on your comfort. This is very important when looking for a proper and comfortable bra posture because otherwise, you will always be uncomfortable. You may consider the following guidelines while buying yourself a perfect posture support bra:
  • It can be comfortably worn under your daily clothes.
  • Looks smart (Check if it looks too heavy)
  • It fits nicely under your armpits
  • It has a comfortable fabric
  • Provides support to your aching areas
  • It gives a thorough coverage

Which Posture corrector bra is the best one?

We researched some of the top posture corrector bras and found these three among them to be most helpful in maintaining a good posture along with providing everyday comfort and support:

1. Ortorex Wireless posture corrector bra

This ranks first on our list of posture corrector bras. The key features that have gained it this place include:
  • Breathable material: that provides ultimate comfort.
  • Comfortable underbust: maintains everyday movements
  • Supportive underwires: help relieve shoulder/neck/back pain.
  • Easy closure at the front helps gain the perfect fit


  • Wireless design makes for optimal comfort
  • Adjustable front closure and straps allows for a custom fit
  • Breathable material makes it ideal for everyday wear or active wear
  • Machine washable


  • Compressed fit may be uncomfortable to the wearer
  • Wireless cups may not feel as supportive pending the wearer

2. Playtex 18 Hour Front Close Posture Bra

This has taken second place on our posture corrector bra list. Its key features behind this ranking are as under:
  • Comfortable fabric: a combination of 85% nylon/15% spandex; sides, back: 92% nylon/8% spandex; mesh: 70% nylon/30% spandex.
  • Power support X frame: an innovative frame that provides back support and helps improve posture.
  • Magic rings technology: Wire-free cups help provide lift and side support.
  • Easy closure at the front makes dressing easy.


  • Adjustable straps make for a customizable fit
  • Front hook style closure makes the bra easy to slip into
  • Wire-free designs allows for maximum comfort
  • Unique design forces the bra to push back on your shoulders, minimizing the ability to slouch
  • Side and back smoothing properties make for a comfortable and visually appealing fit


  • Criss cross bands can be uncomfortable pending the wearer
  • Some users have complained about discomfort if the bra is worn for an extended amount of time
  • A slightly narrow cutline can make the bra a little uncomfortable pending the wearer
  • Not machine-washable

3. Leonisa Back Support Posture Corrector Wireless Bra

This posture corrector bra ranks third on our list. Following are its key features:
  • Perfect fit: easy hooks help gain an ideal fit
  • Crisscross power slim: help maintain posture and relieve back pain
  • Breathable fabric: adds comfort to your daily dressing
  • Double layered Dura fit cups: Provides a naturally rounded shape and gently presses the bust.


  • Adjustable straps
  • No underwire allows for optimal comfort
  • Superior comfort fit makes it ideal for daily errands or a workout at the gym
  • Excellent coverage in the front and back


  • Lack of wire can lead to less support
  • Limited cleavage – this is personal preference
  • Easy to stretch out
  • Needs to be handwashed
Among all three of the above, we strongly recommend the Ortorex Wireless posture corrector bra owing to its vast features, positive reviews, and utmost comfort. Get your body a healthy posture with this Ortorex Wireless posture corrector bra.

Compare and Contrast Chart

Ortorex Playtex Leonisa
Adjustable straps Yes Yes Yes
Underwired cups
Front closure Yes Yes Yes
Breathable fabric Yes Yes
Adjustable straps Yes Yes Yes
Significant coverage Yes Yes
Good for everyday wear Yes Yes Yes
Good for working out Yes Yes Yes
Criss Cross Bands Yes Yes
Machine washable Yes
AuthorOlivia Miller